Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chronic Pancreatitis and Steak

pancreatitis and lean steakI love steak. Always have. Always will. Even with chronic pancreatitis I still eat it.

I find that the leaner the steak the less likely it is to hurt my pancreas as long as I eat it in small doses. I also don't use rich or spicy sauces. In fact, I don't use any sauce at all. Rather, a little pepper and I'm set.

There was a time when I tried to stay away from red meat after being diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. After I while, I ate it and actually found that I feel better when I have a limited amount of quality lean steak.

The fat content is steak or red meat that is not very lean tends to bother my pancreas. I try to stay away from hamburger meat for this reason. Note: I don't cook hamburgers at the house - where I could buy and prepare extra lean hamburger meat. Instead I would be more likely to have it at a resturant or McDonalds. Therefore, the quality of the ground beef would not be as good for my pancreas as a leaner hamburger meat that I could cook at the house.

Lean steak in smaller quantities doesn't seem to bother my pancreas. In fact, I generally feel quite good after having it.

Since I love steak I always want large portions. Eating small amounts of lean meat at a time is one of the most easiest ways I can prevent my pancreas from hurting after eating.

chronic pancreatitis and hamburger
I try to never fill my stomach. Although, this is difficult at times. I know that if I overeat I will pay a price with my pancreas. The more I hurt my pancreas the longer it will take to heal and the harder it will be for it to heal.

If I don't over eat I will probably eat better for longer and keep more weight on because I won't need to let my pancreas rest and heal during which times I avoid food and opt for broth... or nothing.

Remember that everyone is at a different place and stage with their chronic pancreatitis. What works for one person might not work for another. Overeating is never good for us. It is to be avoided at all costs. Eating small amounts of non-fatty foods seems to be one of the only and best ways to treat my pancreas.

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