Healing Foods

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Soon after I was diagnosed with Severe Acute Pancreatitis I started a blog to document what it was like to live with pancreatitis because I realized there was very little information out there about the disease and that doctors really don't know much about it.

The following link will take you to a my website's Healing Foods page! Both my website, Alcoholic Pancreatitis and my blog Living With Pancreatitis have lots of posts about my experiences with food as they relate to living with pancreatitis. The website is filled with mostly my earlier experiences with pancreatitis when I was just out of the hospital and the blog is where I write about the day-to-day life experiences as they relate to chronic pancreatitis. Enjoy!

Living With Pancreatitis - Healing Foods!

Each person will have their own experience with what works or doesn't work for them. You might find that foods that work for me might not work for you. I remember a doctor telling em that if it hurts when I eat something then I shouldn't eat it... or I'm not ready for it. Listen to your body. Ease into an appropriate diet that works for you. Be flexible. Sometimes something will work one day but the next day your system isn't ready to have more of it so you'll need to back off of it for a while. Only you know how things make you body feel after you have eaten it. It usually takes a little while (an hour or so) before I feel the affects of a meal.