Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Food and Pancreatitis

Baby Cereal and PancreatitisSomeone came to the Living With Pancreatitis blog wondering if Baby Food was okay for the pancreas.

Personally, I have found that baby food is fabulously easy on the pancreas. Like purees, apple sauce and tapioca, baby food is easy for the pancreas to digest. I would assume that baby food is like most other foods in that spicy is not good... but then again, who makes spicy baby food!?!

My favorite baby food is Gerber's Rice Cereal! I eat it with a little honey. It's delicious!

Great question and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to share my baby food and pancreatitis experience with you!

I would assume most baby foods including the jars of bananas and peas would be easy on the pancreas. I'm just not very adventurous and haven't tried them. If you have, I'd love to hear about your experience with them!


  1. The baby cereal is awesome!!!!! I just can't have it all the time with milk because too much milk hurts my pancreas. I LOVE that I found this site. I'm 33 yrs old living with Chronic Pancreatitis and it's difficult at times. Especially because of my age sometimes the doctors don't take me seriously until they see me repeatedly in the ER and see how each day my numbers go up. By then I'm in soooo much pain. Anyways, I've found that small meals and bland foods are best. Yet I still have a love for fast food...tisk tisk...not good.

  2. Fast food is pretty fatty and high in stuff that might not be the best for the pancreas. I try to stay away from it but sometimes I can't help myself. No one's perfect!

    Have you tried tapioca with honey! It is so good.

    I don't use milk in the baby cereal. I make it with hot water and honey.

    Oatmeal with honey (made with water) is another alternative.

    Angel hair pasta with a little butter or margarine, iodized salt & tomato sauce is another option!

    Does Lactaid Free Milk bother you? I often use that in my coffee instead of regular milk because I'm totally intolerant of straight milk.

    So sorry to hear about your hospital visits. You're right. It's really hard for them to take it seriously. Sorry you're going through that.

    Glad you found the site, as well! All the best to you and hope you come back and visit soon!