Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Flashes: Chronic Pancreatitis or Menopause?

hot flashes pancreatitisFor the past week to week-and-a-half, I've been getting hot flashes - suddenly a wave of heat comes over me that is almost unbearable. Currently, the thermostat is either broken or set at 76 degrees. Generally, I would be freezing and wearing a warm sweater at such a temperature. At present, I'm hot, clammy and in need of turning the air temperature down even further.

I have been sick for 9-10 days with a cold... or flu. For the past few days I've been taking Tylenol Cold Head Congestion Day & Night over-the-counter medicine. which I think might be a little hard on my liver. (I've never had anyone say I have liver disease or any trouble at all with my liver. Although I was told it was 'gigantic' but that was 'probably just normal for me'.) Not sure.

There, I've turned the air down to 72 degrees. Maybe that'll help.
pancreas diagram
I haven't been eating a lot. Although, I usually don't. (My goal always two fold: 1. To not over eat. 2. To not lose weight.) Over the last few days my diet has mostly consisted of mixed berry medley with honey, about 12 oz of orange juice a day, a hamburger patty, roasted & salted pistachios and coffee with cream.

Currently, there is mild discomfort at the head of the pancreas at the duodenum. This is where I usually have discomfort.

My eye sight has worsen quite a bit since being sick over the past week-and-a-half. I'm guessing either the flu or the over-the-counter medicines are negatively impacting my pancreatitis.

Is anyone else having hot flashes associated with chronic pancreatitis? If so, I'd love to hear your story, what you think causes it and any other information you might like to share such as how you avoid or prevent it from happening.

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  1. I started having hot flashes (not menopause-related at all), when I was around 40. 3 months later I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After hot flashes, I started having symptoms of bloatiness and gassiness after each food consumption. I do not eat a lot either. I would call myself a healthy eater, generally healthy 110-pound woman. Since then, my cancer was removed completely, as I was very lucky to have it discovered at stage 1. Good luck. Never stop looking for answers if you feel your body is trying to tell you something. Nobody knows your body better than yourself.

  2. Yes, I was just diagnosed with Pancreatitis about 5 days ago and noticed I had been having random hot flashes along with the pain under my right rib cage, "back labor" in my lower back, that's what I call it, since I can only describe it as that, constantly overwhelmingly exhausted, muscle spasms around the pancreas and diarrhea containing undigested food and lots of pain. I am only 31 years old so, I don't think I am a likely candidate for menopause. I have no clue what caused it since I don't drink, I do have cholesterol problems, haven't taken anything for it for two years but, no gull stones. I have chronic disk pain in my upper back and neck so, I had been taking Oxicodone for two years for that and recently discontinued the use of it and switched to a non-narcotic pain medicine called Tramadol, this switch occurred about two weeks before I started feeling the symptoms of the Pancreatitis. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have no way of knowing if the attack has ended. I would like to eat and have one glass of champagne but don't know what to do. I have no pain right now and everything is digesting properly now.

  3. It looks like Oxicodone can cause acute pancreatitis:

    "Use In Pancreatic/Biliary Tract Disease
    Oxycodone hydrochloride tablets may cause spasm of the sphincter of Oddi and should be used with caution in patients with biliary tract disease, including acute pancreatitis. Opioids like Oxycodone hydrochloride tablets may cause increases in the serum amylase level."

    It appears many doctors prescribe Tramadol for chronic pancreatitis.

    Here is a link with information on both chronic pancreatitis and Tramadol.

    I don't have experience in this areas as I try to steer clear of drugs tending to opt for natural and holistic remedies.

    Some drugs (apparently Oxicodone is one of them) tend to cause problems with the pancreas.

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  5. I too have periods of going through this. It was really bad after I had my severe attack and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I would freeze most of the time, even on hot days this past summer, and then, have these weird "hot flashes". I went through menopause some years ago now (I think it finished about 7 years ago). I have always thought this was a result of the pancreatitis.