Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pancreatitis: Berries & Honey

pancreatitis and dietI eat a decent amount of frozen berries with honey. Fresh berries would be better, most likely, but I don't like to shop all the time, berries aren't always in season and I like having an assortment of berries in the house all the time. Hence, frozen berries.

Note: Although this picture has honey, berries and milk I do not add milk - only honey and berries for me. Pancreatic calcification is something I am trying to avoid.

Berries with honey do not seem to hurt my pancreas. If they did, I wouldn't be eating them. Things that hurt I tend to veer away from.

The other day I learned that honey is fat-free. I've always been thin and have never needed to watch my calories or weight so I've never given these things a second thought.

Pancreatitis is making me look at food a little differently. I no longer eat fatty meats such as steak or use heavy cream in my coffee. Rich foods tend to be fattier which hurts my pancreas about a half hour to an hour later. I don't like how that feels. I know it is bad for longevity, so I have learned (am still learning, I'm sure) to stay away from such foods.

I'm a typical Californian. I've grown up with healthy food - like fresh fruits and natural foods, pancreatitis berries honeynever really one for processed foods - so to some degree I probably gravitate toward more appropriate choices for my pancreas naturally.

Today, after having made myself a bowl of strawberries, red raspberries and blackberries with an ample amount of honey on top I took a look at the nutritional fact on the back of the packages wondering what the fat content is of these food items that I enjoy so much.

Great Value No Sugar Added Blueberries contain 1g fat w/0 grams saturated fat
Great Value No Sugar Added Blackberries contain 0g fat w/0g saturated fat
Great Value No Sugar Added Strawberries contain 0g fat w/0g saturated fat
Great Value No Sugar Added Red Rasberries contain 0g fat w/0g saturated fat

fruit and pancreatitis

Thought for the day: Frozen fruit might not be as nutritious as fresh fruit but if it ends up frozen fruit or worse eating habits I'd rather have the frozen fruit in the freeze and a healthier pancreas. I'm not perfect and neither are my shopping habits. I just try to make it as easy as possible for my pancreas to last longer.

Remember, if your pancreas hurts when you eat don't eat. Wait. Allow it to heal. It can't heal if you don't allow it the time it needs. It might take a looong time. That's okay. When you can drink water. Do that. When you can have clear broth. Do that. When you can have runny tapioca. Do that. Be patient. It's all good.

Never drink alcohol. It's not for you if you have pancreatitis. There are no exceptions to this rule. It doesn't matter if you want just one drink, if it is a special occasion or your birthday. You don't drink alcohol anymore. End of story. Lots of other things to enjoy. Enjoy life!

Have a great day!

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