Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can Orange Juice Cause Pancreatitis?

orange juice and pancreatitisSomeone reached this site by asking if orange juice can cause pancreatitis.

While this is not a question that ever occurred to me before, it could be an important question especially considering my background.

I have always been an avid drinker of orange juice. So much so that I've actually been warned not to drink so much and told that drinking so much orange juice could rip away my stomach lining.

I never listened to any of this and wrote it off as nonsense.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that there is someone out there who is wondering if orange juice could cause pancreatitis and that I have always drunk an awful lot of orange juice. Well, not anymore. My pancreas cannot handle it anymore. In case it is noteworthy, I preferred Minute Maid with Calcium.

I've read that over time the pancreas - in pancreatic patients - becomes calcified. If orange juice has anything to do with pancreatitis would calcium fortified orange juice be even harder on the pancreas?

Another interjection is that I'm hypoglycemic.

Okay, that's all I got. Did anyone else who suffers from pancreatitis drink an overabundance of pancreatitis and calcium orange juiceorange juice.

Seems like a silly train of thought but it's not. At this point, most everything important about pancreatitis, what causes it and how to live with it is unknown. Therefore, similarities in pancreatitic patients should be noted... even if it is something as simple as an orange juice addition.

One of the big problems is that people with chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer don't seem to live long enough for the medical profession to learn enough about our disease to make much headway with it. Therefore, any patterns or similarities should be noted. We don't have to have all the answered. We just want to log our findings, questions, progress and what we experience and see as similar patterns so that hopefully this information can be used to help us and others!

Note: If you have pancreatitis, this does not mean it is okay to drink alcohol. It is not. If you have pancreatitis you cannot drink alcohol anymore. EVER!


  1. OJ for me does not flare up my pancreatitis. I was first diagnosed when I was in my 20s. I probably first had it in my teens (I was a heavy drinker), but no more. I had stones in my pancreas that were removed when I was 25 & had a Puestow Procedure where surgery was performed & my lower intestine was attached to my pancreas to help drain it. Once I recovered from surgery, my dr. told me NEVER to drink again because if I did it would kill me. If that didn't, he would. That was all I needed to stop drinking& the pain of pancreatitis. I have not touched alchol since 1990. I recently had 2 flare ups last year, again with pancreatic stones which they said were due to calcification. Now, no more red meat or fried foods (except when I cheat & go to In-N-Out), but give up OJ - this raised in Florida girl would never do that!!

    1. At this point, I've pretty much given up orange juice. It's too harsh on my system and if I'm going to drink a juice then I drink one that offers many fruits and/or veggies as that is better for my overall health and nutritional intake. A couple years ago, I was still drinking orange juice. It's just that my system is not more sensitive so I've backed off it. Thanks for your input! I really think it helps others with pancreatitis when we share our experience, what works, what doesn't work and what our systems can tolerate.

    2. Quick question, are you all drinking fresh squeezed OJ or pasteurized? If pasteurized than that could be a problem not only with OJ but all juices. Enzymes are what you need to break down edible food. All edible foods have a specific enzyme in them to aid with digestion.Pasteurization kills and or alter enzymes causing your body to work extra hard to break down food for proper digestion when it wasn't suppose to. In addition to this many drinks have been fortified with man made chemicals that the Fda is passing off as vitamins and nutrients. Our bodies cannot process it properly in turn we get over worked livers kidneys and pancreases. If you are an American and follow a S.A.D (Standard American Diet)then you are a risk for a whole host of ailments (Diabetes,Cancer, heart disease, pancreatic problems etc etc etc)

  2. Lately, I've been drinking calcium fortified orange juice but today I drank a half a gallon and now I'm feeling a lot of discomfort. It's 3:00 am and I can't get to sleep due to the discomfort. Anyway the only thing I did different today was drink a lot of orange juice with calcium. I'm just saying.

  3. Just a thought: it may be the very high sugar content in the OJ that exasperated the pancreas issue?