Monday, June 25, 2012

Pancreatitis & Eating Proactively

On a daily basis, I both work toward maintaining a diet that is beneficial to my pancreas while at the same time destroying it with... uhhh... crap foods I shouldn't be putting into my system.

I'm human. This means I'm not perfect, so I don't beat myself up for it. Although, I do try to keep my foot downfalls at bay and to a relative minimum.

There are some things I do for my body on a regular basis  - especially when I haven't been eating as well as I could - to help maintain a decrease in inflammation of the pancreas.

- Proper dietary intake (necessary for living without pain)
- Decreasing stress levels (huge for decreasing pancreatic attacks)
- Sunshine (for Vitamin D)
- Gently detoxifying the body through teas (such as Chrissy's Tea)
- Brazil Nuts (the level of selenium is very cleansing)
- Oatmeal (great cleanser for the liver)

Two of my favorite friends that fight off pancreatitic inflammation are ginger and turmeric. Both roots are all natural and can be bought in any store. I have turmeric powder and buy ginger in the bottle both sliced and minced, by the root, and as a tea. Both are great for cooking and can be very helpful in intercepting inflammation at the time food is eaten since the spice is on the food at the time you are eating it. Now that is proactive!

It doesn't mean I can eat anything with a little ginger on it and all of a sudden I get to go hog-wild. It means that if I eat a limited amount of something with ginger or turmeric I find that the food intake is far less likely to cause me pain. Again, moderation is always essential for me since overworking the pancreas is now always a very real problem that causes very real pain.

Small meals are always a must. Never eating until full is always a must. Then, on top of that, eating foods with anti-inflammatory benefits such as Broccoli with minced ginger and paprika (another anti-inflammatory spice) in limited quantities makes the process of eating easier.

One of the problems with Western medicine is that it refuses to incorporate natures cures into it's prescriptions. Prescribing ginger instead of morphine doesn't buy their new house - so to speak.

In my recovery and longevity, I find it important to address my chronic pancreatitis with foods that heal and cure.

The other day, I read that turmeric heals tissues around tumors which makes tumors less likely to metastasize. As I understand it, a metastized tumor is one that has exploded which is when and how cancer happens. Therefore, the stronger the tissue around the tumor, cyst or fibroid, the less likely it will metastasize.

It is still necessary to decrease the size of the tumor (inflammation) which many say can be done through foods.

When a person has pancreatitis the pancreatitic enzymes are not working properly - and the pancreatitic enzymes help to decrease the likelihood of cancer - people with pancreatic issues need to be especially careful to decrease their chances of creating cancer in their bodies. Decreasing the risk of cancer can be done through better eating and mostly knowing what that means. Decreasing white flour, sugars and processed foods. I like the saying, "Read the ingredients. If you don't know what it means, don't eat it."


  1. Hello My husband has necrotizing pancreatitis. I started a blog about our experiences called Newlywed Death Fighters. I'm happy I have found your blog. We deal with his pain, depression, lifestyle changes and medical nonsense on a DAILY basis. Not to mention the fact that we have an 11 week old baby and are trying to buy a house. Stress isn't even the word. I guess I want to know more about your life. Are you able to work? Do you have a strong support system? Again, happy to have found you

  2. Hello I would like to know every thing I can about pancreatitis, I have just been diagnosed! What foods are good and which are bad

  3. I would start with speaking with your doctor. What type of doc are you seeing? There are special diets for both acute and chronic pancreatitis. Mainly, no fat or sugar. Under no circumstances, liquor in any form. NO LIQUOR!!!! also NO SMOKING!!!!
    I eat fresh fruit, greek yogart, greens (spinach, kale, lettuce), green and yellow veg's and eat as many of these either raw or cooked with no fat or oil. If you have had a recent attack, no food but drink plenty of fluids. Even when you are feeling better the most important thing that you can do for yourself is drink as much water, sugarless fruit juices, etc. Again, nothing with liquor. I hope that I have helped. There is so much more to learn and if you continue doing research you will find helpful info. Getting rid of "Stress" is also very important. But, so, so very hard to do! Try Yoga, walking, anything that help will relax you. You will learn if you keep at it.
    Good luck and God Bless!