Friday, November 19, 2010

Decreasing Inflammation of the Pancreas

Pancreatitis and Wobenzym NA few months ago, I was experiencing pancreatitic flare-ups so I went to the health store to see if there was anything I could do about the inflammation.

It was suggested to me to try Wobenzym N. A product that claims to be for 'Healthy Inflammation and Joint Support'. I was skeptical at best. My joints were not the problem. The lady helping me said that it was better than gold, that it can cure cancer and decrease the size of tumors.

Honestly, I didn't believe her and wasn't too keen on her sales pitch. Nonetheless, I was desperate so I decided to give it a shot. I would take one dose paying very close attention to its reaction on my body particularly my pancreas.

At first, I noticed no discernible difference in how my pancreas felt. It might have been feeling a little better but I really wasn't sure and certainly not willing to give negligible kudos to this product. That being said, I did notice that I was detoxing as a result of the one Wobenzym N dose and all of a sudden very dehydrated resulting in drinking a lot of water and making sure water was always nearby.

Oddly, the Wobenzym N seemed to be detoxing my back. I'm slightly slouched and have been forosteoporosis and Wobenzym N most of my life since my pubescent years. I believe I also hold tension in my upper back and shoulder region. It felt like the pills (I took three) were detoxing the area where I had planned on getting osteoporosis. Not really the effect I was looking for but the pills weren't hurting my pancreas and I was more than happy to loose the toxins in my upper back. So, I kept taking them.

This comes to mind because I am now out of the pills. I did not take them regularly after the first week or so and only took them once or twice a day at most because I'm try to be sparing when trying new things that could potentially hurt my pancreas and send me whirling.

Now, when I feel my pancreas is enlarged I take Wobenzym N. Not all the time and I've never taken it regularly because I've never been sure of the effects. I'm guessing it works - at least to a minor degree - because I keep reaching for it. I believe it does decrease the inflammation of the pancreas when I have a flare up which in turns reduces the discomfort I feel.

Wobenzym N isn't necessarily cheap. For 100 tablets I paid $30. It's worth every penny. I can't wait to go back and buy more. I hate that I'm out of it. It's like a security blanket. I'm not sure why... but it is.

My bottle of Wobenzym N has 300mg of Pancreatin in it. I haven't really found that the pancreatin tablets I take help. In fact, sometimes I wonder if they have a negative effect. I don't know why that is. Just noting it to share the information in case you can find it useful.

Garden of Life makes the Wobenzym N tablets I take. I don't know anything about any other makers of the product, if they are all the same or vary greatly. I will not change to another maker. This one works for me and doesn't hurt my pancreas so I'm sticking with it.

pancreas and liver picI realize that I probably sound like a commercial for this product. I want you to know that I don't make any money off telling you about it and am only telling you about something that seems to be a neutral (at worse) to a good thing for my pancreas. Honestly, I trust this product more than any doctor I've ever talked to on this matter. Unfortunately, that doesn't say much.

Wobenzym N is a systemic enzyme which has no known negative side effects. I have no idea what a systemic enzyme is (although I may look into it). I just know two things. For some reason that I really don't understand, I trust this product with my pancreas (and might start increasing the doses to see if it helps - presently I don't even take it once a month) and two, my back is a lot straighter after taking the pills. It seems to have detoxed the toxins out of my back. I'm very happy with this result especially since this has always bothered me and the benefit was so totally unexpected. :-)

I hope that helps!

If you have any experience with this product I'd love to hear about it especially in relation to the pancreas.

As always, DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL no matter what! It's not part of your diet anymore. Recovery and life is what fuels you now.

Enjoy and share!

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  1. I take it everyday, and have no ill effects. I have an auto-immune prob. and at one point took 30 pills a day. It kept everything in check and me away from the doctor. My husband had surgery and was black and blue. This product quickly cleared up the brusing in short order. Our whole family takes it.