Saturday, November 13, 2010

Starbucks and Pancreatitis

Starbucks and Chronic PancreatitisI go through phases where I drink a lot of Venti Non-Fat Lattes from Starbucks.

I need more restraint. My pancreas does not prefer it when I drink them - meaning my pancreas becomes inflammed. I tend to have 2-4 a day. I should have none.

I've read that caffeine is not good for pancreatitis. Lattes are very rich. I used to drink them with whole milk. Switching over to non-fat milk hasn't made enough of a difference. I still shouldn't drink them.

I need to stop. I will stop. Today will be my last day.

My health is more important than my lattes. This is my new motto!

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  1. Just have 1. I too have CP, recently diagnosised, and travel for work. Starbucks is my go to for low fat food on the road. Smoothies, oatmeal, egg white sandwich, and I have 1 venti nonfat latte most days. I also drink black tea, which I find soothing.

  2. Pretty much the same thing for me---but I started doing Half-caf, soy latte's (The Soy is vanilla flavored!), and their egg white turkey bacon sandwich is my safe-zone!