Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pancreatitis & Roller Coasters

pancreatitis and roller coastersWe are at DisneyWorld. Yesterday, I rode the Arrowsmith Roller coaster ride twice, back-to-back in the front row. The coaster is much smoother than previously so I'm assuming either the tracks or whatever holds the coaster to the tracks have recently been refurbished, tightened or cleaned. Nice ride! Not nearly as jerky as before.

That being said, I felt very sick after the ride(s). Like many of us with chronic pancreatitis, I'm quite skinny. I think I weigh about 107. I used to weigh a mere 5-10 pounds more than that but I haven't been able to get back up to my previous weight and have pretty much realized that it probably won't happen. Rather, now my goal is to try my best to maintain my weight.

Being so skinny might have made it so that my intestines are more easily damaged. The roller coaster might have been rather rough on my intestines and stomach. I tried to tough it out be in the end I didn't feel better and needed to return to our hotel room.

My daughter did some reflexology on my feet and found that both my stomach and intestine areas were very sore. We do reflexology on me regularly. It is something I often do on myself but wasn't feeling well enough to do yesterday. Generally speaking, my stomach and intestinal areas on my feet feel absolutely fine. Not so, yesterday.

I've informed my daughter that I will not be riding any more roller coasters. I do not know if theroller coasters and pancreatitis pancreatitis has a direct result on how awful I felt yesterday or if it was just a side effect of the pancreatitis because I am now thinner... and perhaps my intestines are weaker. Don't know, but wanted to share my experience and give you a head's up on the possibilities.

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