Alcoholic Pancreatitis

Hi there!

Soon after I was diagnosed with Severe Acute Pancreatitis I started a blog to document what it was like to live with pancreatitis because I realized there was very little information out there about the disease and that doctors really don't know much about it.

The following link will take you to a my website, Alcoholic Pancreatitis! Both my website, Alcoholic Pancreatitis and my blog Living With Pancreatitis have lots of posts about what my experiences as they relate to life with pancreatitis. The website is filled with mostly my earlier experiences with pancreatitis when I was just out of the hospital and the blog is where I write about the day-to-day life experiences as they relate to chronic pancreatitis. Enjoy!

Living With Pancreatitis - Alcoholic Pancreatitis!