Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pancreatitis & Turmeric The Elixir of Life

turmeric and pancreatitisThere is a drink called Turmeric - The Elixir of Life that is filled with anti-inflammatories such as ginger, cayenne and turmeric and other good things that don't hurt my pancreas such as honey, sea salt.

Click on the link to read more about the product. It appears that it is only available in 5 areas within the State of NY. If that's not local to where you are perhaps you can make your own?

By the way, it's made with local NY honey - an added bonus if you're from here. If you make your own you might use local honey to help defray the effect of seasonal allergies.

Something to remember is that with pancreatitis more is not necessarily better. For me, I'm not ever better off with more of anything (unless it's sleep, lowered stress and more money). As far as foods and liquids go, I'm always better off leaning toward less. If you are trying a new food or drink take it slow so you can see how your body reacts.

I have had an entire bottle of Turmeric - The Elixir of Life at a time. But you'll need to test it out to see what works best for you. With most juices, I've learned that I'm best off only having a couple ounces at a time. I've also learned that it is very important for me to have a variety of juice so I'm getting the entire rainbow of food groups. Different food colors offer different benefits for the body.

I'm notorious for only liking certain things and sticking with only those things. Unfortunately, this sort of eating doesn't benefit the overall health of my body so I try very hard to have a variety of colored drinks. Green, red, blue, yellow and orange. If I only have a couple ounces of two colors in a day then that's fine. I do try to mix it up so my body can benefit from all the colors. My choice would to never drink mango juice. That being said, I've learned what an important part of my diet it can be since it is so high in potassium and it is easy for a person who doesn't tend to eat a lot to have unsafe levels of potassium. Something I recently learned the hard way.

Pancreatitis and Local Honey

honey_and_pancreatitisAbout a month ago, both my daughter and I noticed that local honey had helped us with pollen and other seasonal allergies.

Something I've been working on is improving my overall health. I feel that the better I feel as a whole the better off my pancreas will be as a result.

We had been eating a ton of honey. We were going though a 32 oz jar per week. I started buying it from a local health food store to get the 5 lb bottle for $19.99
instead of the 2 lb jar for $15-17.

All of a sudden we realized that I wasn't getting the sniffles and a runny nose while my daughter wasn't getting the twice yearly really bad hack that lasts a couple months.

We eat honey in our plain fat-free yogurt, baby cereal, coffee (well, she doesn't drink coffee) and tea, on berries, pancakes, etc.

So my thought is this... if my system doesn't have to work harder to stay healthy whether it be a cold or allergies then my immune system is better able to keep my pancreas as healthy as possible. I experience has been that my pancreas is more vulnerable when my system is run down physically or mentally. Therefore, I'm working on both!

Added benefit? I love honey! It's my favorite sweetener and besides natural fruit it is really the only sweetener I use.