Monday, November 22, 2010

Pancreatitis, Eating & The Holidays

do not overeat pancreatitisThanksgiving is almost here. I love stuffing myself on Thanksgiving. I can eat turkey for what seems to be an eternity. It's neverending. Then, I rest drowsily on the sofa.

This year will be different. First off, we're eating out. Second, I have pancreatitis. In fact, this is my third Thanksgiving while under the influence of pancreatitis.

This means that I will not be eating as much turkey as possible and celebrating my gluttony of the dead animal.

Instead, I will eat light, treasure my ability to eat at all, and be incredibly thankful for my life.

If you are unable to eat at this time perhaps a really nice bowl of turkey, chicken or beef broth no alcohol with pancreatitiswould make for a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner!

Food and eating habits change with pancreatitis. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to appreciate all that we have in our lives.

Holidays are not a time when I drink. Since I now get to celebrate the scarcity of longevity I also get to celebrate without alcohol. There are no exceptions to this rule even if I really want a drink, even if I think just one is okay. No alcohol. No exceptions! Why? Because I want to live and with pancreatitis I have both life and alcohol. I choose life!

If you were recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. There are two very important things I like to keep in mind.
1. No booze! One drink can send my system into shock and kill me. This is not an exaggeration at all.
2. Don't overeat! It hurts a lot and can cause an attack.

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