Friday, November 19, 2010

Chronic Pancreatitis: What to Eat/Drink

veggie drink pancreatitisEveryone with Chronic Pancreatitis is probably going to react to the disease differently particularly depending on what stage of the disease they are at.

I currently eat solids and drink non-alcoholic liquids. Sometimes without any or much pain or discomfort. I try not to eat or drink too much at any particular sitting. I try to stay away from foods that are too fatty. And, I try to get a well-rounded amount of vegetables. I hate vegetables. Nonetheless, a balanced diet is probably important for my overall health.

I get most of my veggies from Naked Drinks and Bolthouse Juices. Why? Because I can get several different types of vegetables in one drink and therefore save myself from eating too much or having to deal with veggies I don't like. Instead I'm done in a few gulps. I'm better with the green veggies but really don't like any of the yellow, white or red ones.

I drink them sparingly. If you are worried about the drink going bad in the fridge. Don't! nutrition and chronic pancreatitisRemember, you're more interested in preserving the health of your pancreas (and staying alive) than finishing a juice. Just buy the little bottle. Drink a couple sips a day. If it goes bad before its gone, so be it. It is probably better to get some diversity of healthy foods in your body then not.

Feel good about having a little and tossing anything that didn't go down comfortably. Your body probably doesn't need much to get the nutrients so anything you do is good. At least that is how I feel about it.

Again, everyone is at a different place with their chronic pancreatitis. I can't speak for anyone else's system. Only mine. And, this is where I'm at with my system and my eating and drinking habits today!


Remember... no booze.

Those of us with chronic pancreatitis don't get to drink alcohol anymore. EVER!

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