Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pancreatitis & Thanksgiving Dinner

The pancreas needs to be taken care of whether or not the holiday season is in full swing.

Since I have chronic pancreatitis and I'm happily heading toward my third Thanksgiving since having received the diagnosis I no longer eat as much as I want all day long. Instead, I eat sparingly as I do with all meals.

I eat small amounts of food at one time never stuffing myself and with the clear objective not to fill stomach.

The more I eat at one sitting the harder my pancreas will have to work and the more likely I am to suffer an attack especially if something in my life is stressing me out.

This holiday I will eat all meals in small quantities because I will feel better and enjoy my food more knowing that it is not hurting me.

I do not eat sugar products at all. If I were to eat something sweat it might be Tapioca Pudding made with honey rather than any other kind of sweetener.

Honey always makes me feel good and it is probably filling as well. I've never had any negativepancreatitis and too skinny side effects from honey. At times, my pancreas hasn't felt good enough for me to eat and I've opted for a spoon full of honey. It seems to smooth the pancreas while acting as a nutrient or at least something related to the food chain.

I do not drink alcohol ever and that includes the holidays. Pancreatitis doesn't take time off for the holidays so I don't get to drink alcohol at all during this time.

If someone says that you look thin you might simply mention or perhaps only think to yourself how lucky you feel to be here and to have the opportunity to look thin particularly considering the alternative and how absolutely fabulous you look in your new skinny jeans as you celebrate life and how much you are thankful for another day!

I'm thankful for skinny people! From what I can tell I will never be able to gain more weight. Therefore, the alternatives to this weight probably won't get better. Therefore, I celebrate the opportunity to be this weight and I treasure everything about it!

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