Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pancreatitis & Ginger

ginger root and pancreatitisA few weeks ago, I was on a 5-night Bahamas cruise. It was lovely! One of the offerings was a Sushi Bar.

After receiving my limit of 4 pieces of sushi I got a side of ginger. In case you are unaware, ginger cleanses the palette and that is why it is served with Sushi. The idea is that you c
an have a little ginger before you eat the sushi... at least that's the story I heard some odd years back. Sounded good so I bought into it.
sliced ginger and pancreatitis
I like ginger. I enjoy the taste of it. So I was sitting there eating my ginger and realized that my pancreas was feeling less inflamed. I knew that ginger was an anti-inflammatory but was quite surprised to feel such an immediate result from eating it.

Food for thought. Need an anti-inflammatory. Reach for a little ginger! Your pancreas just
might thank you for it!

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