Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Use Ginger When Cooking Steak

chopped steakAs of late, I've taken to cutting up a substantial amount of ginger and adding it to my chopped steak. While I love steak and try to buy lean cuts I still love to eat a lot of it. This is never the best idea for my pancreas. So, I try to be proactive in an attempt to keep down the swelling.

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. So, by adding it to the steak I am helping my pancreas keep from becoming inflamed.

The other thing I do to stave off inflammation is I take three pancreas tablets. I used to only take one or two tablets but never felt the over-the-counter pills did any good. One time,
Chopped Steak and Ginger
I took three tablets and noticed a difference. Now, before I sit down to eat a delicious bowl of chopped steak with ginger I take 3 pancreas tablets.

Today, I did as written above and have had absolutely no noticeable swelling or discomfort in my pancreas.

I feel that the least often the pancreas becomes inflamed the longer my pancreas will stay healthy.

Sometimes, I have to give up certain food or at least give them up for the most part. Sometimes I just need to find the right combination.

Ginger and steak seems to make for a great combination! Just as my pancreas...

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