Monday, March 7, 2011

Pancreatic Diet: Steak with Ginger

ginger pancreatitisI used to eat a lot of Steak with Ginger but after being diagnosed with Pancreatitis I was told to lay off spices. So, I stopped using ginger.

There is no need to stop using spices altogether. In fact, some spices are good for you and work as an anti-inflammatory which means these spices can actually help to balance your pancreas while you eat. Ginger is one of these spices.

Once I learned that ginger is an anti-inflammatory I started adding it to my diet. I was recently
steak and pancreatitis
on a cruise where I ate some ginger that was served to me with sushi. I noticed an almost immediate anti-inflammation in my pancreas. At that point, I started taking the benefit of ginger much more seriously.

I try to buy non-fatty meat since the fat tends to aggravate the pancreas causing inflammation. Non-fatty steak doesn't seem to have much of a negative effect if (like with all foods) I eat reasonable amounts. Tonight, I had steak with cut up ginger. I probably ate a little more than a half pound of steak. I noticed no negative effect or inflammation as a result of the meal.

If you recently got out of the hospital or are having a pancreatic flare-up eating might not be the best solution for you at this time. Sometimes it is best to just allow the pancreas to rest and heal. This is often done by going on a liquid diet for a few days.

That being said, I have noticed the necessity of potassium and the harm it can create to the kidney if I neglect the need for potassium. Therefore, now I try to make sure I eat enough food with high potassium levels so that when my pancreas flares up my system kidney doesn't go into a problem mode as a result of the loss of potassium.

Note: Sometimes balance can be difficult. It's a process.

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