Friday, April 1, 2011

Potassium Iodine, The Thyroid and the Endocrine System

kelp rich in iodineThis topic might seem off-topic but I believe it is directly related to the health of my pancreas. The pancreas is part of the endocrine system. So when other parts of the endocrine system are weakened perhaps it is possible for the pancreas to also become more vulnerable.

The radiation contamination issues in Japan lead me to wonder which foods were rich in iodine potassium. I have heard that everyone is sold out of it, fake pills are being sold and that it will take perhaps even months before new iodine potassium tablets are available on the market.
strawberries and Iodine
I'm not very big on pills anyway and prefer getting my nutrients through food. So I looked it up and found these foods to be richest in potassium iodine.

1. Kelp (hellaciously high)
2. Low-Fat Yogurt
3. 2% Cow's Milk
4. Egg, whole, boiled
5. Stawberries
6. Mozzarella Cheese

Kelp has the highest amount of iodine with Mozzarella Cheese coming in last... but still containing a valuable amount.

It is important to note that too much potassium iodine can cause a body great harm. So, don't over do it.

eggs and iodine
Previously, my thyroid gland was swollen - perhaps for a few years. I have since changed the things I eat and the swelling has gone down. It seems quite possible that a lack of iodine could have been the culprit. Due to my milk allergy I usually pass on milk and yogurt. It's safe to say I
eat very few eggs, often go without salt (which contains iodine), can assume kelp is not high on my intake list and while I love strawberries and mozzarella cheese, I probably don't generally consume enough of either to meet my needed allowance of iodine.

A lack of iodine can cause thyroidism which is what I have suspected was caused by a potassium deficiency. Apparently, both could have caused an issue in this area.

So, in conclusion, I believe that caring for all the organs in my endocrine system will help ensure that my pancreas isn't overburdened by weakness coming from a different area of my body.
Second, if the issues at Japan's nuclear plants aren't dealt with it may become increasingly important for people to ensure they have enough potassium iodine in their system to fight off the ill effects of radiation in relation to staving off cancerous effects to the thyroid as impacted by the iodine issues. If you can't find potassium iodine pills you can always just eat the foods rich in it!

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  1. i've read that when ingesting iodine, as in foods or iodoral, taking app. 200mcg. of selenium will help to counteract any negative effects of the iodine. i have hashimotos thyroiditis but because of an ovarian cyst, i need iodoral. my endo was saying not to take the iodine tablets but my holistic doctor was telling me that i had to so i started to research it and that was what i discovered. and it seems to work!