Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pancreatitis Diet: Bad Spices & Healthy Berries and Honey

pancreas and berriesSoooo, once again, I ate a fried egg with a seasoning I love but which hates my pancreas and inevitably causes pain.

Odd thing happened today, after my pancreas began to flare up I had an urge to eat some frozen berries & honey (red raspberries, blackberries & a few strawberries with ample honey). I'm eating it and I just realized my pancreas isn't hurting anymore.

I'm not drawing conclusions, just passing on information.

My goal is to understand what works, what doesn't and how foods are affecting my pancreas.pancreas and honey

I'm really beginning to love frozen berries with honey more and more.

I would guess fresh berries are better for you but I can keep frozen berries in the house and at my disposal and therefore do!

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