Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pancreatitis & Roast Beef

steak pancreasI love protein. I love red meat. Always have. Always will. If that were a crime, I'd be a lifer.

Over the past 3+ years of living with chronic pancreatitis I've learned to limit my steak intake, as well as cook steak with ginger in hopes of decreasing any negative effect it might have on my pancreas. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. Pancreatitis is an red meat pancreatitisinflammation of the pancreas. Therefore, as the theory would go, ginger might work as an anti-inflammatory for the pancreas. My personal experience is that I like ginger and it does seem to work for me.

No that doesn't mean I get to eat whatever I want whenever I want. It means that if my pancreas is sore that I tend to eat foods with added anti-inflammatory spices to decrease the risk of my pancreas getting further inflamed.

pancreatitis roast beefWhat does this have to do with Roast Beef? Hmmm. Nothing!

But it does have to do with Steak!

Recently, while visiting family in NYC I got in the habit of buying roast beef instead of steak. Ends up, I eat roast beef in smaller portions than I do when cooking a piece of steak.

With roast beef, I find myself nibbling on it throughout the day rather than sitting down and having a 4-6 ounce steak in one sitting.

Nibbling small amounts of food might be the ideal diet for someone like me who suffers from roast beef pancreaschronic pancreatitis. It means I'm never eating too much at once. Therefore I'm not overloading my pancreas with more than it can handle yet I'm able to happily nibble away at my favorite food, red meat!

Note: I buy the roast beef without any additives, preservatives or MSG.

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