Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pancreatitis and Walking

tranquility and pancreatitisExercise is vital for health. I tend to exercise in a gingerly manner and have no desire to ever do anything that might strain my pancreas in some manner.

I like walking. I always have and probably always will but now that I have chronic pancreatitis I feel that walking is a safe, verywalking and pancreatitis beneficial exercise to engage in.

I have a dog who needs to be walked daily. This ensures that I get out-and-about at least once or twice a day. It does not ensure that I walk at least a mile each time I walk the dog. This I do because I know that it is probably going to be my main form of exercise for the day and because sometimes I need a break and walking really seems to clear my head and perhaps help me de-stress a little.

pancreas exercise
I don't meditate or do yoga. Although, I hear yoga can be very beneficial for decreasing stress and overall health so that is an excellent alternative if you're looking for an exercise to add to your regime.

I walk. I like being out in nature. Walking frees my mind for unencumbered though

Today, for example, I'm a little stressed so I took an early walk in hopes of giving myself a little space to relax and soothe my soul.peace and pancreas
Stress can increase the chances of a pancreatic flare-up so I do what I can to reduce stress levels and find peace and tranquility when and where I can. Walks benefit me in this way.

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