Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pancreatitis & Low Acid Coffee

coffee pancreasI'm making a concerted effort to switch from regular coffee to low-acid coffee because I think it might be easier on my pancreas.

Someone from this website had suggested that I switch from regular coffee to low acid coffee. She said that she had made the switch and found it helpful. I used to drink low acid coffee before I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and know from my own experience that it is much more gentle on my stomach.

The other day, I was at Fairway Market on the Upper East Side in NYC. So, while at the supermarket I decided to make the switch. I've low acid coffee pancreaslooked for low acid coffee before and the only place I've found a coffee that is called 'Low Acid' is at Trader Joes. Fairway has a whole section coffee beach section with an employee there to help you decide what you want. I read all the labels and none of the coffees were called 'Low Acid'. So, I asked the man who worked the coffee section. He suggested three different types of coffee stating that those were the market's 'low acid' coffees.

Sumatra was one off the suggestions. I like Sumatra. It always seems smoother and gentler than most. So I bought that.

I don't know for sure if Sumatra is actually low acid or not. I am taking the word of someone who coffee pancreassells coffee at a supermarket. I'd research it online for more information or to see which are the best low acid coffees. For now, I'm back home with my Folgers blend.

I'll probably look into it further before I buy coffee again because I truly do want things to be as easy as possible on my system... uhhh, unless that means having to give up coffee altogether - which I'm not ready to do.

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