Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bug in EYE and Pancreatitis

Eye Bugs PancreasAbout a year ago, it seemed like every time my daughter and I would go for a walk I'd get hit with a bug in the eye!

It happened so often it was almost comical.

I had been experiencing a pancreatic flare-up and while I felt the exercise Pancreas Flare Upwould benefit my pancreas and overall health, the bug-in-eye thing was a bit annoying to say the least!

My daughter agreed that the frequency of my bug-in-eye syndrome was statistically way out of whack and suggested that perhaps the pancreatic flare up changed my insulin levels resulting in sweeter eye juices that those pesky little gnats just could refuse!

Pancreas EyesSolution: Goggles!

About an hour ago, I was walking the dog and got slammed by gnats with at least a couple landing in my eyes. It is noteworthy to mention that I've been experiencing mild pancreatic pain recently. (Mild) pancreatic flare-up... bug-in-eye. I'm just sayin'...

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