Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pancreatic Diet & Curry Rice

curry pancreasI'm making a little rice with margarine and curry. I'm trying to be rather gentle on my pancreas these days.

I was recently in NYC where I perhaps ate a little more all-natural sausage, steak, roast beef, chicken and yogurt.

It's not that I can't have these foods. It is just that my pancreas doesn't like it when I eat too much of them. I, on the other hand,protein rich pancreatitis could eat protein rich foods all day long... if I didn't have a pancreas. So now, I'm trying to give my pancreas a break.

Rice is bland. My pancreas prefers very small quantities of bland food when it is 'resting'.

Curry is an anti-inflammatory spice. Therefore, my thought is that using curry might make food consumption easier when my pancreas is inflamed but not to the point where I can't eat at all.

In the hospital the doctor said no spicy foods.

pancreatitis curryActually, some spices like ginger and curry might be good to cook with since these spices act as anti-inflammatories to the system. This means curry and ginger could potentially help decrease the inflammation of my pancreas while still allowing me to eat small meals.

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  1. Before I tell my horrific story about my journey with CP I want to say that your site is kick ass. I have been through HELL n still going through it. I've had CP for nine yrs. I'm constantly searching n researching. I've had to learn the ropes myself bc the medical field just throws thier hands up n believes we're all alcoholic/or drug addicts and we DESERVE to go through hell. I will get the utube link it's under pancreatitis from Upmc in Pittsburgh pa. It was just released from a doctor, That they were taught CP was mainly from alcoholism but turns out most are from congenitive genetics. He goes on to say that the inflammation of the pancreas is THE MOST PAINFUL DISEASE more
    Than cancer n a list. It was released 2 days ago. Upmc saved my life. I'm a grateful born/raised pgher. I had my major surgery here after a bad g bladder n 18 MONTHS of ERCPs stents endo sigmoid colonoscopy everything more than once. I went from healthy ass kickin working maniac to learning to walk again. I went to work as a chef w iv TPN backpack on. Nothing showed on any test. I begged cut me open that made me crazy n then they told me to suck on peppermint. I don't know how I survived/survive. No amount
    Of pain med gave me relief for long. There was no information. I still suffer w pain that is unexplainable unless u have cp. if a stent didn't migrate into my pancreas n my insurance changed to Upmc I wouldn't be here. They HAD to cut
    Me open voila 1/2 rotten pancreas tail end. What was a life or death operation turned into probably death by morning. Distal panc rectory spleenectomy wack this n that sew this to that cross it fingers. Iv in neck no veins left. Tubes in every hole plus tubes. When they came in the next morning n told me. I said I told you u MFN idiots. So know ur body ur the customer in the medical field ur paying for it don't suffer!! It's not thier pain or
    Problem. They don't feel a thing. I have so much info from govt to groups on Facebook yahoo etc. never stop researching! The diet end is non existing. U have half cup broth they send u home. Ridiculous! Ask for nutritionist ASAP on admittance. There is Enlive by Abbott that u don't get unless u ask. U won't starve but ur body needs something with nutrients. I would say I have a eating disorder bc of cp. drs haven't even recognized that. WTF??
    Sorry to ramble but this CP is a bitch that's been swept under the rug. We are discriminated stereotyped n it's wrong!!! They can't measure pain. Everything you talk about Christine is spot on! I'm guilty of starving myself n then over eating. It's bc the tougne n panc r on two completely opposite pages. I wish everyone knowledge n courage to know you r not alone that there is strength in numbers. I want the pancreas cancer people to recognize CP and add it to the purple campaign for that's where most of us r going if CP doesn't get us. Or the hosp n dr misdiagnose infect us etc
    Join me in the fight! I'm finally disabled n have Medicare that's another story. I'm going to spend my few hours of a day that are good writing books campaigning n sharing everything I know abt CP bc times ticking!! I'm going down swinging!! Cecilia better known as CC. :)

  2. Latest research in diagnosis and treatment of pancreatitis.
    Dr David C Whitcomb MD PHD (UPMC)
    Chief of the Division of Gastroenternoly Hepatology and Nutrition
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medice
    Released 07-26-2012
    It is so unbelievably good news ur mouth will hang open n tears will stream
    Group one on Facebook - chronic pancreatitis sharing network
    Group two. ". ". - pain and discrimination of chronic pancreatitis
    Both private. Say whatever u want. Packed full of info n stories just like ours!

  3. Sorry I'm so excited I messed the second groups name up!!@
    2) Pancreatitis , Chronic illness the pain of discrimination
    Private group on Facebook.