Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pancreatitis and Lavender Tea

lavender tea pancreatitisLavender is something I love to add to my tea mixes.

A pinch is enough. Lavender is strong and a little goes a long way.

Like with peppermint, lavender adds a lovely aroma and taste to the teas I make for the benefit of my pancreas.

Some of the herbs I use taste dreadful but are beneficial so adding a pinch of lavender can really enhance my tea drinking experience.

Benefits of Lavenderlavender Pancreas
- Lavender may help with insomnia
- Lavender may be calming, help with nervousness and alleviating stress. (I have found that, for me, stress is a trigger point for pancreatic flare-ups.)
- Lavender may help to uplift wilting spirits!
- Lavender may help with flatulence, an upset stomach and bowel infections
- Lavender may help to headaches

As with anything I put into my system, I take it slow and see how my body reacts. Again, lavender is very strong and something I use only as a supplement to the other herbs I make tea from. The reason is because the other herbs are more directed toward reducing tumors, decreasing inflammation, detoxing, etc. Those are more prominent concerns when I'm trying to maintain a healthier pancreas. It seems to work, so I stick with it!

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