Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Pancreatic Attack

Pancreatitis and ThanksgivingTomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will be making a twelve-pound turkey.

I'm one of those simple eaters with simple taste. You know the kind, the ones who don't like to mix their foods and aren't too adventurous. Yup, that's me. Nonetheless, I love to eat and I am so looking forward to eating some nice juicy turkey for Thanksgiving.

turkey and pancreatitis
The problem with pancreatitis is that when your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you end up eating so much you feel like you could float your pancreas can't handle it and there is a chance that a person who suffers from problems with the pancreas could have a pancreatic attack.

So, the goal is balance. Enjoy the food but don't over eat. If you put to much food on your plate then allow for that error rather than risking an attack.

If I feel my pancreas getting the better of me I go for certain things in my cupboard to fight off the inflammation as soon as possible because I have found that it can stave off a pancreatic flare-up.

Things I do to Fight Off a Pancreatic Attack
Pancreatitis Tea

1. Chrissy's Tea is something I have fairly regularly because it can help bring down the inflammation and also helps with liver issues. When my pancreas is sore this is the direction I most often take for relief. The tea can be made with any number of different anti-inflammatories including fresh ginger from the grocery store and dandelions from your yard.

2. Eat Pink Ginger. This is the same ginger you will find at a sushi restaurant. If I can feel inflammation coming on I go for the ginger and eat several slices straight up. Its effects are pretty much immediate. You can feel the difference right away. Pink ginger is available at my local food store... and probably your local grocery market, as well. It is something I like to always keep on hand, just in case. It's always helpful and readily available.

3. Marijuana soothes the symptoms of a pancreatic attack. I found this
Marijuana and Pancreatitis
out while I was in Amsterdam. I very much recommend it, if it's your thing. Otherwise there are plenty of other options that also work. I do not use marijuana to stave off a pancreatic attack simply because it is not legal in my state. If it were legal, I would keep it on hand for when I needed it and if it ever becomes legal in my state I will certainly do that. It doesn't take much as all. You can eat it straight. Just a tiny bit is enough to do the trick while still not being enough to alter your mind. My suggestion is if you know your kid or neighbor smokes and you are mid attack ask for it. If your system reacts anything like mine then you'll feel the difference. No, it doesn't mean you can go for the munchies but it is an option if it is around and you are comfortable with it.

Wobenzym N and pancreatitis
4. Wobenzym N is something that I haven't used in a while. It can be found in your local health food store or bought online. The lady who sold it to me said that it's like gold when it comes to cancer. It makes me very dehydrated so I make sure to drink a lot of water with it. I find that dehydration is very hard on my pancreas. I do like to take things to are proactive in fighting cancer. I wouldn't like my chronic pancreatitis to turn into cancer or to have problems with my liver which are both very real options for a person who suffers from chronic pancreatitis.

I don't take medication for pancreatic pain. I don't want to mask the pain. Rather, I want the pain to go away by healing the wound (the pancreatic flare-up). Therefore, my remedies tend toward decreasing inflammation and trying to prevent it in the first place.

The best ways I have found to fight off a pancreatic attack are through eating small meals that do not include spicy or fatty foods and not drinking alcohol. Stress is also very hard on the pancreas so try to avoid those pesky little things that really tend to break the harmony in life. I know that can be difficult during the holidays. It's always good to keep in mind though.

Enjoy the holidays!

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