Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pancreatitis & Chicken Lasagna

Low Fat LasagnaLast night, I made a Chicken Lasagna for the first time. I used hormone free, free range, ground chicken instead of ground beef because I thought it might be easier on my system. I love red meat but I keep reading how it isn't good for someone which pancreatic issues.

My step-mom always made lasagna with cottage cheese and to this day it is still the only way I like it. Therefore, I used Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Skim Ricotta on top. Everything else was fairly typical. Pepper, salt, oregano, tomato paste and sliced tomatoes, garlic, dried minced onions, a bay leaf.

I used the lasagna noodles that don't need to be boil. They came out quite soggy. I strongly recommend taking the time to boil the regular lasagna noodles as they are much better!

I followed the recipe (less my substitutions) from The Joy of Cooking. I also eliminated the mozzarella and Parmesan.
The assumption is that fat free, low fat and skim substitutes will make eating such filling meal easier on my pancreas. I ate a very large piece about 45 mins ago and while I can tell my system can feel it slightly, it is slight. (Note: Still felt fine 2 hours out. Had another piece. Still felt fine two more hours out.... but finally full!) Okay, so I didn't need to eat a piece the size of a square pan... but I love lasagna and it was really, really good! Man, my self control is limited when it comes to certain foods!
Chicken Lasagna

I love ground beef in my lasagna and really wasn't sure how the ground chicken would substitute for the beef. Much
to my surprise, it was perfect! I didn't miss the beef at all. I'm not sure the chicken was any leaner so I'll need to look into that next time. Progress, not perfection.

I was also quite skeptical about using fat free cottage cheese instead of cottage cheese made with whole milk, but again, it was really good! I couldn't tell the difference at all. It's possible that I'm finally getting used to fat free foods. Or, it's possible that it is simply as good with fat free cottage cheese. Either way, it was delicious, so it's all good!

I love lasagna! I'm so glad that I haven't had to eliminate it from my diet!
Note: This is not a meal I would try if I were just getting back on solids. This is a meal that I am having while learning and exploring how I can eat the foods I like without hurting my pancreas in the process. Sometimes, when my pancreas isn't being overly problematic, I don't mind living with it. I'd really like it if I could eat more of some of the things I like. People who are better about eating low fat all the time probably have a much easier time when it comes to not irritating the pancreas.

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