Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fighting Off The Flu & Chronic Pancreatitis

Flu and PancreatitisI was out with a group of people earlier this evening and everyone was recovering from the flu. I've been fairly nervous about getting the flu recently and I'm not sure how my body with react to it. Although, I have had the flu before since being diagnosed with pancreatitis.

So, in hopes of not getting the flu I am drinking my anti-inflammatory teas and drinking juices with high levels of Vitamin C. I don't drink a lot of juice but will have an ounce or two at a time. Hopefully that will be enough. Plus, I think I'll take some Vitamin C and acidophilus (which seems to help coat and protect my stomach).

I'm also going through menopause so sometimes it's 'Is it fever or is it a hot flash!'. Ahhh, life!
Stay well, everyone!

Happy Health to you!

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